We Speak Your Language

Actionaly offers in-app translation

At Actionaly, we believe every family has the right to partner in their child’s education at school. Home language should not be a barrier. When parents understand the information they receive from school, they can more effectively support their child. That’s why federal law requires schools to communicate information to limited English proficient parents in their preferred language about any school program, service, or activity. 

And yet, many parents still miss out on valuable opportunities to engage when they receive communication in English only due to lack of translation support. Even before COVID-19, we knew educators struggled to find translators in a timely fashion for classroom-level communication. During distance learning, the volume of written communication increased dramatically; meanwhile in-person translation was no longer an option.  

With Actionaly, users can easily change their language preferences so that content is automatically translated. If family members aren’t sure how to make this change, this support page offers a step-by-step guide. 

Find language preference in Account Settings to enable automatic translation of content.

For parents needing more support, select staff can change language preference via the school administration dashboard.  

Please reach out to families and let them know about this feature! Actionaly wants to be part of the solution to issues of equity and access by making it easier for schools to build a welcoming school culture for all families.  

For more information on managing support ELL families during distance-learning check out this extensive online resource