Evolving… from BluPods to Actionaly

BluPods started with two parents looking for a better way to keep up with their children’s school life. Urgent information was lost in the shuffle of crumpled flyers, outdated web portals, countless email threads and rarely used apps. Not only was this needlessly chaotic, but valuable opportunities to contribute to our children’s educational experience slipped through the cracks.

Since launching in 2016, our goal has been to give back precious time to busy educators and parents. We focused on simplifying all “need-to-do” communication by building a platform for seamless messaging between schools and groups of families (“pods”). We started to build digital forms for every possible task required of families: from permission slips to registration to parent-teacher conference sign ups.

That grew into what we call “actionable messaging”, an innovative communication format where educators can engage parents and get responses in just a few clicks.

Along that journey, we partnered with experts from large urban districts to small suburban schools and evolved to meet their diverse needs. We integrated our product with existing systems, included payments, translation, reports and analytics; and tailored these new features for different school communities since not all schools are the same – and neither are families. By adapting to household structure, we boosted response rates for even the hardest-to-reach families.

We now apply the same level of advanced technology that companies use to stay close to their customers and leverage it to put families at the center of school outreach efforts. We’ve grown from a great group messaging app to the first-ever Family Engagement platform, the equivalent of a CRM for schools in a business context.

With this new framework in mind, we interviewed core users to help shape and refine our long-term vision. From these conversations and from the latest education research, we know that when parents are invited to partner in their child’s education, students benefit academically and socially. Our vision for family engagement aims to create a hive of information and interaction that streamlines outreach to all the essential, incredibly busy people in our children’s lives.

Actionable messaging is our superpower. It drives participation, captures information and insights that can then be leveraged to strengthen ongoing family engagement.

We are evolving from BluPods to Actionaly, an entire platform designed for taking action, freeing educators and parents to spend time on what matters most, relationships.