Announcing Voice and Video Calling!

Educators know nothing replaces the warmth and personal touch of a call home. Email threads can only go so far, especially for complex or sensitive discussions. That’s why Actionaly is thrilled to announce our newest 1-1 engagement feature, voice and video calling!  

Without the option of in-person meetings, phone calls are the only way to communicate with families in real time about their student’s academic or social-emotional progress. Family outreach is ideally an invitation to share and collaborate, with both sides offering insights. Tone and the opportunity to address concerns right away make calls essential, and yet educators have so few options that keep their personal phone numbers private. With Actionaly, only school staff can initiate calls. Although parents will not be able to call staff, parents can send chat messages to request and schedule calls.  

Actionaly uses to provide the highest quality audio and video. In the class (pod) address book, educators can access a call button next to each parent or guardian name. When staff initiate a call, the easy-to-use calling interface opens automatically from the mobile app or web app.  Actionaly will ring the mobile device, showing the name of the caller.  If parents haven’t installed Actionaly, they receive a text message and email with a link to the call. The default mode is voice only. Video can be turned on, as needed. 

Need to call multiple guardians at once? How about inviting another teacher, counselor, translator or administrator to the call? It couldn’t be easier. Users can add multiple callers once they initiate a call. 

We suggest using our chat message feature to invite parents to confirm a time for a call.  

From check-ins to virtual parent teacher conferences to virtual home visits, we’re excited for all the possibilities for meaningful partnership and engagement this new feature opens up! 

Video and voice calling is an Actionaly Premium feature that must be enabled at the school or district level. Please reach out if you like to hear more!