Actionaly Evolves to Provide Personal Engagement with the Launch of 1-1 Chat

Our team has always taken its cues from the educators and administrators we serve. Even as our company grows, we pride ourselves on staying highly responsive to the needs of our schools. As we collected feedback and suggestions from our community, the most-requested feature was 1-1 chat.

Classroom teachers, like Stephanie Guerra at Manchester GATE Elementary, wanted to send messages to individual parents using the same simple interface used to send class wide announcements and requests. We also learned more about how personalized outreach and two-way communication helps strengthen relationships between family members and committed educators like Stephanie. Research shows that strong home-school connections lead to improved outcomes for students. What could be more important? 

The Actionaly team is pleased to announce our 1-1 chat launch for the 2020-2021 school year. When chat is enabled at the district level, teachers have access to chat features and can initiate a chat message by clicking the users icon on the top right corner of their class pod.  

We thought about district-level needs as well, so all conversations can be viewed by district administrators from within the administrator dashboard.  

Here’s a visual preview of how a teacher initiates a chat message:

From the Pods menu, click the Users icon.
Clicking the Chat icon opens up a chat screen for that recipient. 
Type in your message and hit the paper airplane “send” button.
To view your recent conversations, open up the Actionaly main menu from your Pods tab in the upper left corner. Click “Messages” to view your entire conversation history with any family member. 

It’s that simple!

As we adapted our product for remote learning, many of our communication features can now be used with students directly. Not only will educators be able to send chat messages to individual parents, they will also be able to send messages to students, perfect for communicating with students learning at home.  

Here at Actionaly, we’re thrilled to offer even more ways to help educators connect with their students’ families. We hope that you give the chat feature a try soon. Please let us know what you think!